Winton Hills

Annexed in 1903

Get To Know Winton Hills

Winton Hills is a neighborhood located eight miles north of downtown Cincinnati. The neighborhood mainly consists of the CMHA Winton Terrace residential area. With 4,787 residents, Winton Hills is the 25th largest neighborhood in the City.


Hills and Valleys


Three curved green stripes representing the hills and valleys in the neighborhood. This shape both overlaps and hides behind the blue stripes of the creek.

A Beacon

A bright, seven-pointed star in the center of the flag shines out as a symbol for finding your way home. The points allude to the seven hills of Cincinnati.

A Winding Creek


Blue stripes as a geographical call-out; the Mill Creek runs along the Eastern neighborhood border. The Hills and creek together form a namesake“W”.


Winton Hills’ colors are Green, Blue & Tan

Green for the neighborhood’s vibrant life, nature and growth.

Blue for the strength of Winton Hills residents.

Tan for the community’s shared optimism.


Winton Hills is…

a north western Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 4,787 residents as well as the Winton Terrace residential area.