Annexed in 1896

Get To Know Westwood

Westwood is a neighborhood located seven miles north west of downtown Cincinnati. Incorporated into a village in 1868 Westwood was home to James N. Gamble who invented Ivory soap and helped fund UC’s Nippert Stadium. The neighborhood has an iconic Town Hall and is the city’s largest neighborhood by area as well as population. With 29,950 residents, Westwood is the 1st largest neighborhood in the City.


Going Up


As Cincinnati’s largest neighborhood, these energetic and upward triangles represent an upward momentum.

Arboreal Riches

Three leaves that represent the diverse flora within Westwood, initially stewarded by James Gamble himself.

Historical Transit


Taking its colors from the old streetcars that ran through Westwood, these arcs represent East/West thoroughfares in the city.


Westwood’s colors are Green, Yellow and Orange.

Green for the wide variety of plant life.

Yellow for family connections.

Orange for the history and trajectory of the neighborhood.


Westwood is…

a western Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 29,950 residents as well as the iconic Westwood Town Hall.