West Price Hill

Annexed in 1870

Get To Know West Price Hill

West Price Hill is a neighborhood located four miles west of downtown Cincinnati. it is home to Rapid Run Park, as well as the high schools of Western Hills, Dater, Elder, and Seton. Also, the local favorite of Price Hill Chili has fed families in the neighborhood for many years. With 17,155 residents, West Price Hill is the 2nd largest neighborhood in the City.


A Strong Connection


Three blue diamonds represent neighbors, nature, and historic buildings/businesses.

Even the Small Details

The white lattice references a detail on the St. Teresa Avila Church entrance. This pattern holds all of the symbols together.

The Big Picture


All together, these seven diamonds outline a “W” For West Price Hill.


West Price Hills colors are Blue, Green and White.

Green for the many parks, yards and outdoor spaces found throughout West Price Hill.

Blue for West Price Hills’ long history

White for Peace and Unity


West Price Hill is…

a western Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 17,155 residents as well as Price Hill Chili.