Walnut Hills

Annexed in 1869

General Walnut Hills Info

Walnut Hills is a neighborhood located just two miles north of downtown Cincinnati. It is home to the beautiful Eden Park as well as the historic Harriet Beecher Stowe House. Peeble’s Corner in the Walnut Hills business district was considered Cincinnati’s second downtown due to the amount of businesses and shops in the area. With 6,495 residents, Walnut Hills is the 18th largest neighborhood in the City.


Upward Momentum


Half of the tree illustration made to represent the carved green man face in Green Man Park.

Council Colors

Blue, Gold and Green colors taken from the Walnut Hills Community Council’s existing identity.

Green Space


Lush green leaves complete the tree illustration to symbolize green outdoor spaces like Eden Park.


Walnut Hills’ Colors are Blue, Gold, and Green

Blue for the commitment to local, sustainable businesses

Gold for the neighborhood council and all of its committees.

Green for the abundant, local green space.


Walnut Hills is…

a central Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 6,495 residents as well as Eden Park and Peeble’s Corner.