South Fairmount

Three flags were designed to represent the unique qualities of your neighborhood.

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Flag 1

CF-South-Fairmont-1 2018-11-12.jpeg


Blue represents the intersection of the Lick Run and Mill Creek.

Green represents the future park space and the hillside.

Flag 2


The yellow arch represents the rise of something new (Lick Run and the revival of South Fairmount).

It’s also representation of a bridge since South Fairmount acts as a gateway to Cincinnati’s West Side.

The blue curvy lines represent movement the movement and motion of water once again running through the neighborhood.

Flag 3

CF-South-Fairmont-3 2018-11-12_1.jpeg


The moon represents the moon trees that have been planted in South Fairmount.

The blue curvy line represents Lick Run moving toward Mill Creek.

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