South Cumminsville

Annexed in 1873 as part of Cumminsville

Get To Know South Cumminsville

South Cumminsville is a neighborhood located five miles north of downtown Cincinnati. Home to Wayne Playground and Mr. Gene’s Dog House, this neighborhood also has several industrial companies who operate within it’s boundaries. With 801 residents, South Cumminsville is the 47th largest neighborhood in the City.


A Combined Effort


A band of color blocks present an abstract view of South Cumminsville framed by Beekman Street and the Mill Creek.

Part of the Whole

A single star in the flag’s canton ties South Cumminsville in with the other 51 neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

Gold Standard


A single yellow stripe stands for South Cumminsville’s strong generational home ownership - half of residents own their own homes.


South Cumminsville’s colors are Green, Gold, Blue & Black

Gold as an illustrative reference to the Mill Creek Road bridge.

Black for the Mill Creek on the neighborhood’s borders

Blue for the Beekman Street corridor

Green as the Community Council’s color, standing for South Cumminsville’s community garden and environmental commitment.


South Cumminsville is…

a north western Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 680 residents as well as Wayne Park.