Sayler Park

Three flags were designed to represent the unique qualities of your neighborhood.

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Flag 1

SP-1 2018-11-05.jpeg


This flag represents how Sayler Park meets the river. It is a place where elements come together but also implies reflection and tranquility.

Green for trees, hills and greenspace.

Blues for the river

White for tranquility and reflection

Flag 2


This leaf is set between the sky and the river with an upward projection.

Green for trees, hills and greenspace.

Deep blue for the river

Bright blue for the sky.

Flag 3

SP-3 2018-11-05.jpeg


This flag represents the community and togetherness, congregating in the the center of the parks.

Blue for the river.

Green for the verdant geography.

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Additional imagery

The following images were shown at the Sayler Park Village Council meeting on Nov. 5th. The intent was to illustrate how each of the flag designs could be used in context of other items (in this case, mugs and buttons.) The typefaces, message and designs are presented to show how to extend each flag design but are not prescriptive. Final flags will be freely available to use through a Creative Commons license. For more information, visit our Frequent Questions.