Sayler Park

Annexed in 1911

Get To Know Sayler Park

Sayler Park is a neighborhood located eleven miles west of downtown Cincinnati. It is a neighborhood found in a skinny valley between the Ohio River and the hills. Home to Fernbank Park and also the City’s smallest park, Thornton Triangle, this neighborhood is known for having excellent community events in it’s namesake park, Sayler Park. With 2,765 residents, Sayler Park is the 30th largest neighborhood in the City.


Self Reflection


These mirrored triangles represents how Sayler Park meets the river. It is a place where elements come together but also implies reflection and tranquility.

A Winding Landscape

A clear, two color background representing Sayler Park’s greenspace and the adjacent Ohio River.

All Together Now


This ring of leaves represents the community and togetherness found in Sayler Park.


Sayler Parks’s colors are Green, Blue & White

Greens for the trees, hills and lush riverfront landscape.

Blues for the Cincinnati River.

White for tranquility and reflection.


Sayler Park is…

a western Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 2,765 residents as well as beautiful views of the Ohio River.