Three flags were designed to represent the unique qualities of your neighborhood.

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Flag 1



  • Bold red rose design distinct across the city; neighborhood namesake is unique

  • White petals radiating from the center rose represent peace and harmony

  • Blue from the Roselawn wayfinding totems, representing perseverance

Flag 2


  • Green for fields and farmlands upon which Roselawn was established

  • White stripe for Reading corridor (shared with Bond Hill)

  • Black for rich soil of the Mill creek on the Western border

  • Equilateral triangle represents strength, balance and unity of the community

Flag 3



  • Black for the rich soil of the Mill Creek on the neighborhood’s West border

  • White stripe for Reading Road Corridor (shared with Bond Hill)

  • Red to invoke the rose and vibrancy; pulled from Roselawn wayfinding totems

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