Annexed in 1905

Get To Know Roselawn

Roselawn is a neighborhood located eight miles north of downtown Cincinnati. It is home to the MLB Reds Youth Academy and a rejuvenating business district along Reading Road. With 6,440 residents, Roselawn is the 19th largest neighborhood in the City.


An Enduring Symbol


An illustrated rose stretches across all three fields of color as a strong and clear reinforcement of the neighborhood’s unique name.

Transportation Corridor

Three color fields referencing Roselawn’s geography: Black on the West for the Mill Creek, White in the middle for the Reading Road Corridor, and Blue from the neighborhood’s various wayfinding totems.


Roselawn’s colors are Black, White, Red & Blue

White for Reading Road and automobiles

Black for the Mill Creek

Red for the vitality and energy of the community

Blue for wayfinding and visibility.


Roselawn is…

a northern Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 6,440 residents as well as the MLB Reds Youth Academy.