Annexed in 1893

Get To Know Riverside

Riverside is a neighborhood located five miles west of downtown Cincinnati. It is a neighborhood with several miles of river frontage. Due to the easy river access there are many industrial facilities in Riverside. Anderson Ferry has been operating in Riverside since 1817. With 2,340 residents, Riverside is the 35th largest neighborhood in the City.


River Transportation


An iconic representation of the Anderson Ferry that has been in operation since 1817.

Layers of the River

The winding shape of this river illustration includes a deep blue stripe as a nod to the wine-making history of the region, as well as a lighter blue for the optimism of the residents.


Riverside’s colors are Blue & White

Blue for the river, Riverside’s history and the optimism of its residents.

White for the enduring methods of transportation.


Riverside is…

a western Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 2,340 residents as well as the iconic Anderson Ferry.