Get To Know Pendleton

Pendleton is a neighborhood located less than a mile north east of downtown Cincinnati. Home to half of Ziegler Park, the Bell Center, and many restaurants, this neighborhood is one of the smallest by size in the City. Pendleton is a triangular shaped area with many historic buildings. With 900 residents, Pendleton is the 45th largest neighborhood in the City.


From Above


Each of the triangles in this flag represent the neighborhood as seen from a bird’s-eye view.

Looking Out

Together, these stripes resemble the arrangement of stained-glass windows like the ones in the Bell Events Center.

A Town Gateway


Three bell illustrations stand in place of the 19 bells and copper finials.


Pendleton’s colors are Green, Black, Yellow, Blue and Red

Blue, Red, Green and Yellow for the stained-glass windows.

Black for the American Idea that resonates when all the bells ring.


Pendleton is…

a central Cincinnati neighborhood that is home to 900 residents as well as many historic buildings.