East Walnut Hills

Three flags were designed to represent the unique qualities of your neighborhood.

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Flag 1

Green = community and green spaces

Rose window Designs

The sun that feeds the growth and the optimism of this connected, vibrant community.

Black stripe = for being first suburb of Cincinnati

Flag 2

Bells for Joseph or Big Joe, the largest bell forged on the east coast lives in St Francis De Sales

White for hope and optimism

Green = green spaces

Black stripe = the start of Madison Avenue

Black for being first suburb of Cincinnati

Flag 3


Green represents the parks and suburban areas

Angled fly represents Woodburn Avenue (the main road). The horizontal stripes represent the unique way all of the lots on Woodburn are set about 30 degrees from the street.

Blue Gold and Red are the colors of the arms of St. Francis DeSales, for whom the main landmark and square is named.

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