Three flags were designed to represent the unique qualities of your neighborhood.

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Flag 1

PEN-1 2018-11-05.jpeg


The middle symbol is the heart of Clifton, the gaslight, a symbol of historic pride in Clifton. The orange radiating out represents how the open-minded approach of Clifton residents influences and radiates outwards affecting things like environment, culture, and community.

Flag 2

WH-2 2018-11-05.jpeg


The Gaslight symbol sits on the background representing open mindedness, highlighting this as Clifton’s main attribute. This mindset empowers the rest of the elements represented on the flag. A more traditional flag and approach.

Flag 3

Clifton-3 2018-11-05.jpeg


Gaslight symbol takes prominent positioning again—establishing itself as an important cultural fixture in Clifton. The lines flowing down mimic the flow of water in the fountains of Clifton. Each color representing an important aspect of the Clifton community: walk-ability, green spaces, and community. Sitting against a background of open-mindedness

Flag 4


Same concept as option 3, but a different arrangement

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