Bond Hill

Annexed in 1903

General Bond Hill Info

Bond Hill is a neighborhood about 6 miles north of downtown Cincinnati. It was incorporated as a village in 1886 before being annexed into the city in 1903. Named after a sawmill owner, this originally rural area now has over 6,900 residents and is Cincinnati’s 16th largest neighborhood. Paddock and Reading Roads run north/south through the neighborhood. Bond Hill is the only neighborhood which the Norwood Lateral runs through.


To the Point


This pointed shape references the home and family. It also represents to the neighborhood’s architecture and many churches, echoed in the pointed roof designs of the ‘Avondale Pride’ mural on Reading Road.

On the Rise

Bold, clear stripes in a rising pattern stand for the layered history of Avondale and for a multi-generational community supporting one another.

‘A’ True Icon


The symbolic “A” iconography is a callback to the tall “A” outside of the Town Center in the 80s, a nod to the Avondale Council ‘A’ icon and, of course, Avondale’s namesake.


Avondale’s colors are Red, Black & Gold

Gold for the energy and richness that makes up the community

Black for the strength and resilience of Avondale residents

Red for the passion, care and love the community shares


Bond Hill is…

an northern Cincinnati neighborhood on the move that is home to more than 6,900 residents and is home to Graeter’s Ice Cream HQ, Givaudan Flavors, Community Action Agency, and Woodward High School.