These flags were designed to represent the unique qualities of your neighborhood.

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Flag 1

EV-1 2018-11-13.jpeg


Bold, clear stripes for adaptability

Strong “A” icon is a callback to the tall “A” outside of the Town Center in the 80s and a nod to the Avondale Council ‘A’ icon; located in the Canton for prominence

Flag 2


Bold, clear stripes in a rising pattern for the history of the neighborhood and multi-generational community supporting one another

The peaked stripe pattern represents the rooftops and steeples, represented in the Avondale mural

The angled stripe pattern also forms an abstracted ‘A’ - alluding to the Town Center in the 80s and the namesake of the neighborhood

Flag 3

EV-3 2018-11-13.jpeg


3 colors represented in an overlapping pattern format as a representation of multi generational living in the community

Pointed shapes reference the home and family; reference to the pointed roof designs in the ArtWorks mural for the neighborhood’s architecture and many churches

Flag 4

EV-4 2018-11-13.jpeg


Emphasis on the red stripe and illustrative symbol in the middle created by layering graphic versions of the letters “A V O N”

Further stylization of the “A” from the Town Center in the 80s and a nod to the Avondale Council ‘A’ ico

Avondale’s colors are Red, Black & Gold

Gold for the energy and richness that makes up the community

Black for the strength and resilience of Avondale residents

Red for the passion, care and love the community shares

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